I created this game in one day. Use the arrow keys or WASD. Interact with people/objects twice for more information.

This game is literally about racism and microaggressions. Not all instances recounted in the story are acts of microaggression, I understand.

( Also, this is my first Bitsy game! )
I might update it with a nice background song in the future.

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GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Narrative, personal, poc, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes


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Good morning, thanks for sharing your experience. Would you allow me demo and/or use screenshots in an online presentation I will be giving about using Bitsy in a few weeks? (It may be recorded and posted) I would also love to connect via email. You can contact me at the email on my college profile page: https://gustavus.edu/profiles/jrobins3

this game makes me feel less alone about this
thank you for sharing- it really solidifies i'm not going crazy about having these experiences
thank you so much and i hope you're doing well


this is very moving, and a little chilling. i'm a korean-american man so i'm familiar with racism, but it stuns me how different experiences are across race and gender. i always find it hard to talk about microaggressions, too, but you managed to convey so well what's not so "micro" about the situation. thank you for sharing :)

thank you so much for playing + commenting!!